Shipping Information:
You will need to purchase a airline approved carrier. Soft sided for carry on, hard sides for checked baggage. 
You will need to buy your pets one way ticket when purchasing your tickets.

Private jets or small planes owned or chartered by pet clients can easily land at Wisconsin Rapids Airport, close to our home. It's a big occasion to have someone fly in for a kitten in their own plane. 

Kittens picked up in Wisconsin, or as carry on with a ticketed passenger, may go to their new homes at 10 to 12 weeks. 

Pet kittens older than 5-6 mo. may  be spayed/neutered prior to leaving. 

Multiple small airports in Wisconsin require a connecting flight. Large, international airports within 200 miles of my home, will work out better with direct flights. I can meet you at a airport, or you may rent a car.

Most pet buyers who live in nearby states, drive to Wisconsin. If you live further than 3 to 4 hours away, I'm willing to meet you at the edges of Wisconsin. Just ask.
The longest anyone has driven to pick up a puppy was 1120 miles. The longest distance a new kitten owner drove is 1450 miles. 
You will need to fly in to pick up your pet. March 20, 2020 Embargo on all cargo shipped pets. Early 2023-Cargo shipping still not available, unless importing from different country.