Pups, dogs with UKC full registration papers can obtain AKC full registration until Aug.1, 2028. Stud books have been opened for a short while. New owner can find special application on AKC website. You will need UKC registration in your name, and UKC pedigree which comes with UKC registration. 

       Miniature American Eskimo Puppies 

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(Located in Wisconsin, USA)  Call 715-652-3349 land line.
Text message to seven one five 305 one two seven six
For Additional Breed information
Look on the UKC or AKC Club Websites
This page was last updated on: February 14, 2024
One of Apache's boys, named Meeko by his new family. Born in 2006. Photo frequently stolen by scammers to sell.
Apache puppies 2007 & Quasimodo kittens
PAST  Puppies
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No puppies available at this time. No future plans for puppies at this time.
Contact UKC website, or AKC website for breeder lists.
My last 2 boys after 42 years of breeding have found homes. Love Bug and Silver Moon. 2023 Out of Duchess & Scooby Doo. Their little sister went to a wonderful home near Superior. 
My last duel registered AKC/UKC Mother "Duchess" Never got to show her. She would have done great.
"Pickles" one of my favorites. My last AKC/UKC Mother, whom I took to UKC dog shows, Titled. Last show in 2011. My work schedule changed, making it impossible to breath, much less go to dog or cat shows.
My daughter, Brenda, helped me at numerous dog shows, starting as a young girl.
 Eskie pups are the cutest little animal babies on earth.
2024 Currently not able to Raise puppies. Last breeding male was rehomed. I have no breeding females. Plan on keeping my website up, to promote the American Eskimo Breed