Kids, Kittens & Pups
At 16 months old, My Granddaughter Lily, is really interested in kitties for short periods of time. She likes to crawl after them. Kittens are usually pretty smart with toddlers, & are able to keep one step ahead of them.
Elijah, my nephew, at age 7, didn't care to sit still any longer than the kittens. Children this age still need some supervision with a pet, but can help care for them.
Kind, older children, are the perfect pet care givers.
A pet provides companionship & teaches responsibility.

At age 2, Lily was well behaved with this puppy. 2 year olds should not be left alone with puppies.
Pups & kittens have their own ways of getting to know each other.
At age 4 1/2 Lily wares the kittens out.
They keep coming back for more.
ELY, my Grandson, loves the Kitties, being a boy, 4 years old, I do not leave him alone with kittens. I have learned cats play with matchbox cars, carry and push them around.
ELY at 5, still needs supervision with young animals. My Granddaugter. Violet, age 2. Is good with kittens
Violet is my best kitty saleslady. She giggles and laughs. Climbs up on the chair, says "kitty" as soon as she walks in the house.  She learned the routine quickly, gets one to hold, then gets another. She shoos her brother away when he wants to hold a kitty too.
Nova & Lily with puppies. Nova is a puppy lover. Lily has always been good with pups or kittens.