My Dogs-About My Kennel

     I raised Mini Eskies, in Central Wisconsin, from 1981 to 2023. Sno-Pals is the home to multiple UKC Champions ,  GrandChampions, One National GrandChampion & National Best of Breed. My main emphasis has been on producing a happy, healthy, companion animal. Dog shows are something I did for fun from 1988 to 2011.
     My dogs were UKC and/or AKC registered.
     To raise a pup that you can live with, you must take time to socialize it to new things every week. You must teach it appropriate manners in a human environment. For the inexperienced dog owner, this is best accomplished by attending puppy classes or beginning training classes.
     If you are interested in showing, that's wonderful. But please remember a puppy needs to be 6 mo. to 1 yr. old before you really know if you have a show prospect. 
UKC Champion Sno-Pals Frosty Fairy Tail
12 1/2 in 15#.(Optigen B)  Rainbow Bridge
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AKC Ch. & UKC National Best of Breed National Grand Champion 'PR' Sycamore's Apache Snopal  12 1/2 in. 16# Optigen A (clear for PRA) OFA fair. Elbows & petalla's good. Rainbow Bridge-A SAD day.
Apache was bred by Helen Kreger of Belleville IL. It is a pleasure to own this wonderful little dog. Rainbow Bridge
'PR' Sno-pals Cotton Eyed Magpie
13in 16# A daughter of 'Koyotee'
Maggie is my favorite size. She likes my kitties. RETIRED FROM BREEDING
10 months
2 yrs old 8/25/04  
Thank you, Judge Joseph Allen for Apache's National Grandchampion & National Best of Breed Title Oct. 16, 2004 at Centreville, Mi.

It's going to take awhile before my head comes out of the cloud, & my feet land back on the ground. In 2010, I finally moved the trophies off the kitchen table & onto a file cabinet.
Apache's 3rd CH of CH win under Judge J Ray Johnson, turned into a Best in Show at the Multiple Breed show in Ixonia, Wi. 8-29-04
This was a "cool" win, a first for me.  A big Thank-you to this Judge who was standing on his feet all day long.
Thank you Judge Patrick O'Donnell for 
Apache's 5th CH of CH win, which turned into a Best of Show at a Multibreed show. Mount Vernon, IL Oct. 2, 2004. 
Without this last win, shortly before the UKC Nationals, I would not have went to the National.

3 of Apache's CH of CH wins were earned at the Northern Lights American Eskimo Dog shows.  Typically  MN has a large Eskie entry. When you can win there, you know you've got a good dog.

1st CH of CH  was under Judge John F Davidson April 17, 2004.
2nd CH of CH was under Judge Pamela Perdue April 17, 2004
4th CH of CH was under Judge Francis Geiger Sept. 19, 2004
Photo's of Other American Eskimos that have been in my breeding program, over the years, may be found on the Eskie Information page.
Optigen A ( PRA Clear) 14in 20# male  PEDIGREE
Retired from breeding. Went to live in Michigan
Mike taking "Happy" around the ring. This is Mike's first weekend experience of showing a dog. Considering he had never so much as done a practice walk in a ring, I'd say he did very well getting a couple major wins with Happy. UKC shows offer great support for the novice dog handler.
CH 'PR' SNO-PALS BREAD N BUTTER PICKLES   14 1/4 in. 22# female
Super playful, very energetic.  Optigen A (clear for PRA) Retired from Breeding. Went to live in Michigan
SNO-PALS DUCHESS 13 IN 20# DOB 10/28/15 AKC/UKC registered.
Parents "Pickles" and "Bimbo" Sadly retired from breeding. Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly Aug 2023.
Thorndykes Scooby Doo Snopal
13 in 16 # DOB 9/23/17 UKC registered. Rehomed to Ohio. Feb 2024

"Lollipop" New Mother for 2021. 11 inches, 12#  UKC registered. Retired from breeding. Rehomed to Michigan. April 2023
We do like other breeds of dogs. Mike wanted me to get a "Real" dog. "Thunder" a Bernese Mountain Dog. One of the most gorgeous pups on the planet. A lot of health concerns, which I learned after bringing him home.He was a vet checked, guaranteed healthy pup at sale. Yah, right. Entropian eyes, took 2 eye surgeries to correct. Umbilical hernia. Did not fix, as vet said I would not notice when he was an adult. Undershot bite at age 7 months. Neutered.