Retired-Rehomed-Rainbow Bridge Cats

Forestdolls Lucille Belle
Exceptionally friendly. Too smart for her own good. Rehomed June 2019
Forestdolls Daisy Mae Retired /Rehomed 2018
Brown torbi & white (Brown patched tabby & white)  She was an excellent Mother. Daisy is out of CH Benzn Quasimodo & CH Forestdolls Waltzing Sybil
DNA-GSD Type IV Normal (tested clear)
CFA & TICA Champion Benzn Quasimodo  Red classic & white male from Norway. His breeder, Nina Beyer, did a wonderful job raiseing him. Quasimodo has given us many wonderful kittens. We kept 3 of his daughters & retired him from breeding in 2010.
      TICA Champion Forestdolls Lily Rose
Black tortishell & white. Lovely disposition. Lily is out of Ch Benzn Quasimodo & Firecrystal Forest Lady. Lily was my favorite cat. A talking pest, with a huge personality.
DNA-GSD Type IV Normal (tested clear)
Retired from breeding.
CFA CH Corros Adrian of Forestdolls "Boots"
DNA-GSD Type IV Normal (tested clear)
Firecrystal Forest Lady , Blue-silver Classic tabby. Imported from Australia. With her USA born Blue-silver tabby daughter. "Cuddles" retired at age 12. Rainbow Bridge age 15. The last 2 yrs she assisted other queens, including nursing kittens when she had none herself. 
Imported from South Africa. Impressive cat in the winter with his full coat. Rainbow Bridge age 15. 
The "King"  Our first NFC male.
An affectionate sweetie. He was  our first Show Cat. Born in Australia, bred by K.Evans. 

After keeping several of his daughters & a couple granddaughters, we decided to retire him from breeding in 2005.

CFA & TICA Champion Firecrystals Lord O Dance
CFA CH Forestdolls Dance Olena
"O'Lena" Black/BrownTortiseshell
DNA-GSD Type IV Normal (tested clear)
Retired from breeding in 2011.
CFA CH Forestdolls Boogie Woggie Taz
"Taz" Black   All personality. Retired from breeding in 2010. Mikes all time Favorite Cat
TAZ & kids Sept. 2010 at 5 weeks. "Patches" 2nd from the right, stayed here as a replacement for Taz.

Forestdolls Pretty Patches
Patches is a Black Tortie with white. Her parents are CH Benzn Quasimodo & CH "Taz". Patches was a very protective mother. She had big beautiful kittens. Retired from breeding in 2018
CFA CH Forestdolls Waltzing Sybil
with one of her families. Sybil took forever to adjust when rehomed.
Forestdolls Break Danceing Sheba with one of her sons. Rehomed
Corros Kelly DOB 12/5/01 Mother of Taz, O'Lena & Rainbow. She was a small NFC whose kittens became rather large.
Norwegian Forest Cats on this page, no longer live at our home. They are not available for adoption.
Forestdolls Sunny Daze. She kept us entertained with her abstract thinking skills. We have a thin plywood board to keep kittens out of the living room. Sunny would hook her nails in a hole, lift the board for all kittens to go underneath or slide it open. Other adult cats would watch her, and start doing the same thing. Retired from breeding, rehomed in 2020.
Reshma Flynn Luan
"Flynn" at 1 yr. A red mackerel tabby & white, born in the United Kingdom. A tall boy, with an exceptionally long bushy tail & straight profile. Retired from breeding 6/2023
Flynn 5 mo.
Forestdolls Dolly Deer
Dolly is a brown classic tabby. 
She was very proud of herself with her first captured mouse at age 10 weeks. 
If you happen to live in an old house, with these kitties, you don't need any mouse traps. Granddaddy long legs are viewed as snacks, & flies will have no peace. Retired 2023
Forestdolls"Honey"Bee. Daughter of Sunny Daze and Motorolla. Rehomed. 2023
​Forestdolls Bellarina
Sire CH Corros Adrian
Dam Firecrystal Forest Lady
Retired 2024