Harry with his favorite yellow duster.
Harry on the table, getting a birds eye view of the bird cage.
These are photo's of my kittens grown up or still growing, that new owners have sent me, over the last several years. I can use jpeg files. If you send them in other formatts, I can't figure it out. 
My Windows 98 quit 12/07 & I lost dozens of nice photos. Those sent to my yahoo address, I'll eventually get to putting up on this page, depending on how much space Homestead lets me use. 
Ole checking out the dryer.
Loki's owner says "He's about 7 months old now and has taken over!  We love him dearly and he's been well accepted by his 2 "brothers" as well." 

Eddie & Lillie
Hi Joyce
I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of two of your kitties - - Eddie and Lillianaloo - - that you sold to me in early November.  They have been such a joy!  Eddie couldn't be sweeter.  He lays on the bath mat while I take my morning shower, then sits on the commode and watches me do my makeup and hair.  Lilly is plenty affectionate as well, although more independent.  And I think she has the brains and the guts in the family! Both are waiting for me at the door when I get home (but maybe that's only because it's dinnertime!).  They are wonderful pets.  Thank you!

Riley's owner says, "He has such a sweet
disposition and we enjoy him so much. "
More of Olaf. He is a busy cat, in the sink, checking out the workbench. He is a well loved cat & obviously having a good time.
Olaf in the flowers.
Faith & Bella, Hi Joyce,  I thought I would send you pics of the girls, since they just turned 1 and are such lovely cats. They are wonderful sweet cats and I am glad that I have them. They are so beautiful to boot. 
Olaf, Lanny, & Harry probably hold the record on number of photo's I received after they went to their new homes. 
Lanny went to live in Canada.
Lanny's First Birthday
You have to admit, that Lanny is just plain gorgeous, right down to tail pictures.
In addition to marvelous photos, Lanny writes me letters.
I do love my Brushing...but the Massages need work. When I have had enoegh patting and scratchin' behind the ears, I go to My Side of the King Bed- and flop down, gettin' comfortable. Hey! I bit Dad toes late Th. night- and got kicked outta bed. I won't let 'em know where I snooze during the night-still playing Houdini. I love just showin' up outta nowhere--whadda ya want? I came when You called me..after the tenth time! 
Love , Lanny xoxo
 Thor's owner says " He is 15 pounds of pure muscle, as tall as my 20 pounder, but lean.  He is not a lap cat, but is affectionate and VERY playful.  He spends a lot of time bugging his older housemates. He likes a good face rub early in the morning, and he will eat almost anything, so I often call him Piglet... He is a love, and I thank you for him yet again! " 
Harry & Tiff
Felix is a easy going loveable lug. 
Daffy, there is a small friend named TarBaby in that basket with Daffy. Her owner says that Daffy " is very smart.  If anything goes wrong in the house, she comes and gets me.  Felix knocked one of the bears off the chest.   He stretches out and kicks his back legs.  She comes and gets me every time and leads me to the bear on the floor.  I have never had a cat come get me when one of the others was in trouble either.   Felix got stuck in Tar Baby's drawer the other day and she came and got me.  He was in a real fix.   
Lexis owner says" We love her & she charms everyone. Even our old cats seem fascinated by her doings!"
Lillie & Ozzie
Lillie & Ozzie owners have written nice discriptions of their kitty's including,  " Please know that the kitties are well loved. Thanks for such wonderful cats"
Raven & Oliver
This blue boy who went to live  in OH, is a color match for his poodle friend.
Polgara is a unique names given to one of my kittens.
Uncle Ole helping with the dusting.
Uncle Ole is growing up.
Parts of a note from Spirit's owner: "We wanted to tell you how happy we are with her. ... she has brought so much life and happiness into our house and lives,.......She plays 24/7 and she loves everything and loves everyone. She bounces, runs, she talks to us and is so very healthy and full of Spirit, that's why we named her Spirit
    She's lonely and needs a playmate, with our boys being so old. She tells us when something's wrong or out of place. One of Spirit's tricks is at dinner, my daughter says "Show me bear" and she'll sit up and pretend she's a bear with front feet in the air.
     We have to play with her differently and with different toys since she likes a challenge.
     She's constantly retrieveing things and bringing things to me, or putting them in my bed while I'm asleep.
    Our vet says she is 14.1 pounds and still growing. And we would recommend you to anyone who wants a healthy, fun, loving cat."
. "She still weighs 16 pounds. She eats Science Diet Hairball food. Her dishes are on a raised rack. She scoops the kibbles out of the dish with her foot and eats them off the floor. She drinks water out of the dish of course. But her favorite way to drink water is the running water out of the bathroom faucet. She runs from wherever she is when she hears the water come on. Likes that moving water"
Fancy Cat is 6 yrs old & lives in Kentucky Her parents were Quasimodo & Forest Lady
Fancy Cats owner tells me:
Fancy Cat lost one of her humans, & went into grieving. She quit eating entirely. Fortunately her other human realized what was happening & says: " I figured out she was grieving. I moved my laptop to the living room, spent all my TV time in Don's chair, instead of in my office. Fancy came around. She picked out 2 new places in the house from where she could watch me at all times. One human had gotten away from her so she figured she better keep watch on the other human."
"I am a home body. I just like to stay home. Don did too. So this cat is hardly every alone. Maybe 2 hours while I go to a doctor or to Walmart. During the day there are 2 TVs on. Overnight there is one TV on. As a result, she has never been in the quiet. When the power goes out a couple times a year, poor Fancy is a nervous wreck. She doesn’t know about quiet. She paces the floor from room to room. Can’t quite figure it out. So I talk to her and try to make her calm. She is not one bit afraid of storms. Thunder or other loud noises doesn’t bother her a bit."
"She is a very friendly cat. She likes all people who come to the house.That’s about all I know about Fancy cat. She is such a good friend and good buddy. I am so glad I have her. She is just such a beautiful cat. Thank you for my having six years of companionship."
Jeger, born 2015 (red tabby and white) in his MN home with new buddy, a Golden Retriever
I was the owner of Flicka from 2006 to 2018. I don’t know if you remember her, but she was a black and white female—she’s on your website in the 2006 kittens section, and she stayed with you guys until she was older---and my dad and sister and I came up from Dubuque and picked her up. She got cancer and died in October—saddest time in my life. I loved her so much. I've attached a photo of her.