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Forestdolls Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens

2004 Kittens
Blue Tabby girl at 12 wks.  "JYETTA"
"Olaf"  is checking out one of Taz's kittens, "Lillie" Both live in the Twin Cities area. 
Brown torbie
Olaf is growing up. His owner says he has a "fearless" disposition & chases the vaccum. 
JYETTA as an adult. Her owner says Jyetta is a one person cat. 
Ole has an unusual friend in his new home.
These are past kittens who have went to their new homes. You will find kittens for sale on the "Kittens Available" page.

Kittens from 2003
Sir Tazo chai Latt  Lives in IL
12 wks. Blue with white male.
He has found a book shelf just his size.
Nanuka in his new home. Black & white male.
Nanuka & Cuda (the malumute)"have become the best of pals"  according to Nanuka's new owner. 
2005 Kittens
"I'm telling you, it was this big !! "
Black torti with white 9wk
Went to live in IL
Kleenex boxes are a lot of fun.
Lillie, TAZ's girl, all grown up.
I'll have to ask Lillie's owner, if this flower pot contained any other flowers than Lillie. 
Torbi grew up into a 17.5# Lioness !!!
Red tabby & white went to live in MN
Loket is Torbi's Sis, she is a mere 20# plus. To think I've been telling people that the boys get bigger !!!!
These 2 wonderful girls live in Racine, Wi. They are litter mates to our Queen "TAZ"
Nap time for Torbi & Loket
Forestdolls Avinoam of Marnina Cat
"Vinny" a cream mackeral tabby resides at 
Marnina Cat Cattery

"We really don't want to sit on this thing, just because you think it's a good picture"
O'Lena's assortment in 2005. You never know what's going to appear in the kittening box. 
Olaf at age 2
Vinny is a cream mackeral tabby. Depending on time of year, coat length, & lighting, he looks like a different cat.  NFC's change appearance with the seasons as their coat length grows or undercoat is shed.
2006 Kittens were quite the circus.
I had to work hard to get all these kitties close together for a photo
2007 & 2008 Kittens
An interesting photo session with Maggie & Apache's pups,  Star & Quasimodo's kittens.
Kittens are good at finding their own spots to hang out in. 
Other kittens are always helpful. Paws coming under the monitor, playing with keys, or just loungeing around, getting in the way.

When they know they are in trouble, they sit there looking so innocent. Someone could make money if they sold a "cat proof" toliet paper holder. 
The next time, I  picked out red & white  kittens.
Kitties like hidie holes.  Boxes, containers, anything that they can fit in.
2009 was a slow year for kitten sales. We became rather attached to those who were here the longest.
Raspberry was entertaining, &  exceptionally nice. Friendly & huge as a neuter.
My food on shelf by computer, was never safe.
Mike said Good-By to Raspberry in January 2010
He went to live with another NFC admirer, who already has one NFC. Raspberry won't be lonely.
New owner says "I just wanted to drop you a line. Nikki sure got her wish of a cuddly kitten with Kos. She meows when she wants to be held or played with. She meows when she wants to play with the dogs. 
Kos is still best friends with our Pomeranian. They have a great time. They're the same size now. She is still a little wary of our malamute, especially when Kiana comes charging across the room, full speed. But Ki really wants to be friends and play."

"Star", litter mate to Torbi, Loket & Taz. She had a umbicial hernia repair at age 10 wks. No one would buy her as a kitten. Vets told them, she'd have problems, R/T hernia repair. She is 11 yrs old, & lives with my brother. She is a gorgeous kitty, comes when her name is called, & loves everyone. Rehomed a 2 nd time. Last update she was 15. Never a problem with hernia repair.
​Olaf went to the Rainbow Bridge about age 15
I always meant to send some photos, but somehow never did. Below are a couple pics of my handsome kitty. His registered name is Bødvars Stjerne, which translates as Beowulf’s Star. Bødvar was from one of your 2005 mackerel tabby, and I believe he was from O’Lena’s “mixed bag”. In 2006 we moved from near Madison to Fredericksburg, VA (Just south of DC). Bødvar is inquisitive, very smart, very loving, has no fear of dogs, and is quite the talker. He is king of the house. While he likes to be in the center of anything going on, he makes it clear that he is MY cat. I am the only one he sits with. When I broke my ankle badly and needed surgery, he was the best nurse ever and rarely left my lap. Unless it was to sit in my post-surgery wheelchair.

Thank you for this furry bundle of joy. He is so mellow and handsome that everyone loves him when they see him

Bodvar  14 years old. The little boy from up in the corner of the basket.