(Located in Wisconsin, USA)
Phone 715-652-3349
Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens 
This page was last updated on: January 23, 2019
If interested in a kitten, please call 715-652-3349 or e-mail.
When inquiring about a kitten, please include:
1-Name, address, phone #
2-What other pets do you own or have owned?
3-Where is this kitten going to be kept,  inside, outside, or both?
4- Which kitten or kittens are you interested in? Color, sex, date of birth if listed on website.
5-Are you looking for a pet, possible show kitten, or kitten with breeding rights?

FeLV & FIV Free Cattery
Contract, Health guarantee
$100 Money order will hold a future kitten or one not old enough to leave. Send by 2nd day Priority Mail with a tracking number. When the tracking number shows, deposit was sent, I consider the kitten sold. 
SOLD kitten Photos will be taken off website. I will send you new photo's until your kitten is old enough to come home. If a client changes their mind the kitten will reappear on the website.
No Shipping of pets sight unseen. Related to USDA change in rules, effective Nov. 18, 2013 

New kitty owners are welcome to fly in to a airport within driving distance of me, & take their kitten back as carry on or checked baggage. All airline arrangements would be made by the buyer.

Our Cats are Registered with CFA and/or TICA: Kittens will have "registration papers" for the new owner to choose their name to complete with CFA and/or TICA.
All prices on this page, are "Pet" prices. Sold on Spay/Neuter contracts. See "Kitten Prices" page for more information.
No Queens appear to be expecting a litter. If there are winter litter surprises will update website.

Cat breeding season starts again Feb/March 2019. Gestation is 9 weeks, earliest kittens may go to their new homes is 10 weeks.

Kittens are expected to be picked up at age 10 to 12 weeks, unless other arrangements are made.