Kitten Prices & Health information
All kittens have a written health guarantee. A one year replacement guarantee for HCM, GSD-IV or PKD, provided Forestdolls is still raising NFC's. 
Vaccinations are started. Kittens will receive a minimun of 1 vaccination for viruses, prior to going to their new homes. Older kittens will have had a second vaccination

ALL PET kittens are sold on Spay/Neuter agreements. 
Kittens come with Registration papers, CFA &/or TICA, a copy of the parents pedigree, health record, feeding & care instructions.

Kittens are born, raised & socialized in out home. 
Foundation breeding cats tested NEGATIVE for FeLV (feline leukemia virus) & FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) Several adults have been DNA Swab tested for genetic issues. Links to their Wisdom panel results are on "Our Cats" page.

We have NO ringworm.
Starting March 2020 with Covid lockdown, For OUR health & safety, we no longer allow visitors in our home. You will see your kitten when we meet you, no sale is final until you have seen your kitten. Photos are taken every 2 weeks.
Kitten Prices
Pet kitten prices range from $900 to $1500,  depending on age, sex, color, anticipated adult size. 

 E-Mail for a currant list of prices on kittens available.

If you are interested in a  kitten with full registration rights, $2500 and up.

Young adults-Reasonable Offers considered. Spay/neuter contract. Retired breeding cats, adoption fees, $50 to $250 with No guarantees.

If you want to show your kitten, the price is not different. 
You can not show a kitten in CFA if it has been declawed.  You may show a declawed spayed/neutered kitten/cat in TICA.  The majority of cats in cat shows have been altered.  

Showing your cat, can be a  pleasant hobby for the pet owner.  If you do show your cat,  please realize that competition among breeders will cause some to treat you poorly, if you did not buy your kitten from them. At cat shows I found the breeders of other breeds to be exceptionally nice & helpful. 

The kittens in the above litter grew to be adults. Lived happy cat lives, have went to Kitty Heaven. Lily on the far right was one of our Queens. The black & white boy on the far left is "Silver".  As a young cat, he got a small part in a movie,  "Sherman's Way" in Calif. NFC's are smart & will learn tricks. It takes a special person to train them for a movie part. Silver has his own page. He's in Kitty Heaven also. You can't replace a Cat in your life, but you can always get another one.