"Silver's own page"
Baby pictures. Silver is on the far left.
Silver  went to "Hollywood".  Show cats come & go, but Movie cats are a little rare, at least when their birthplace is Wisconsin. He has the distiction of being Friends with Tigers & other assorted wild animals. Silver's owner is a professional animal trainer/handler. Silver is a housecat in California. It takes a special person to train a cat !!
Parents are CH Benzn Quasimodo (imported from Norway)
& Firecrystal Forest Lady (imported from Australia)
Silver had a small part in his first Movie. Sherman's Way. He was a young cat. This is a photo from the movie.  
Please keep in mind that Silver's owner is a professional animal trainer. Do not take your pet housecats to the zoo.
Silver, the Norwegian Forest Cat has  bonded with an assortment of wild animals. His owner tells me that "He goes up to the cages and says hi to them, hangs out for a while then goes to the next in the order he meet them. He has 2 tigers, 1 lion, 1 bear, 5 wolves and 1 fox on his route and they all get so excited to see him. It is so funny to watch a 600lb tiger being submissive to a house cat! Amazing, the bond he has with these animals. It goes against everything people think they know about wild animals. The truth is every animal knows more than we do. The joke is on us! "
5 weeks
6.4 weeks
Silver is a black & white Wegie
Born in Wisconsin USA
CFA & TICA Registered Norwegian Forest Cats
Silver with some of the babies he has helped raise. 
Silver's baby pictures below.

All Grown Up Photos
With a heavy heart, I post Silver's last photo arrangement, sent to me by his "human" Hedi. He has went to join his parents, "Cuddles", "Quasi", sister "Lily" and brothers. I'm sure he has a lot of catching up to do.
15 years is a typical life span for a well, cared for cat. Silver was more then a pet. Never replaceable. Not forgotten. There is always the hope of a new kitty, who will be different in their own way.