Shipping Information:
Live Animals are air shiped by Airlines, or ground shipped by Pet Transporters.
Most airlines require pets to be examined by a vet & have a 10 day health certificate.  A 3 day health certifcate is required by Canada & some other countries.
All shipped pets over 12 weeks old will have a rabies shot.
Pets are required by law, to be 8 weeks old to ship.
You will need to purchase a airline approved carrier. Softsided for carry on, hard sides for checked baggage.Specific rules for carriers, nuts & bolts, metal door, etc. DELTA recently changed rules for carry on pets or pets checked as baggage. Those pets must be 10 weeks old, & a health certificate.

I let my puppies go to their new homes at 8 to 9 weeks old.  Check with your airline on requirements if you are going to fly in to pick up a pet.

Kittens picked up here, or as carry on luggage with a ticketed passenger, may go to their new homes at 3 # or 10 to 13 weeks.
Pet kittens older than 5-6 mo. may  be spayed/neutered prior to leaving.

The USDA decided on 9/18/2013 that a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian is not sufficient proof that a pet is healthy. Their new requirement, requires the new owner to see the pet in person prior to taking ownership, to be assured that it is healthy. No sale is final until you have seen your pet. If you have questions about the USDA rules call Dr.Gerald Rusin at APHIS 301-851-3751
He thinks the new USDA rules are the cats meow for pet owners.

Puppies may go as carry on's also, but they quickly grow out of the 12 in carriers, & may need to go as ticketed luggage. If your pet has to fly in the cargo hold, & not in your lap, your flight will be under the weather restrictions. This could be complicated certain times of year.
If your pet is going as checked baggage, Temps must be between 10 degrees & 85 at all points the plane is on the ground unless the airport participates in the Pet First/Safe program. In the plane the live animal cargo areas are pressurized, heated/cooled.

Live animal embargo's are put on for delayed flights, severe thunder storms, blizzards, fog, too hot, too cold, etc. These weather restrictions do no apply to Carry on Pets with a ticketed passenger:

Delta, United & American Airlines allow carry on pets at CWA, my nearest airport. You can rent a car & drive to my home, or I can meet you there.
If you can't get a flight to CWA, I am willing to drive to other airports, but will be reimbursed for the health certificate & the price of gas, depending on how far of a drive.

Most pet buyers who live in nearby states, drive to my home. If you live further than 3 to 4 hours away, I'm willing to meet you at the edges of Wisconsin. Just ask.
The longest anyone has driven to pick up a puppy was 1120 miles. The longest distance a new kitten owner drove is 1450 miles.
After November 18, 2013, You will need to fly in to pick up your pet. The USDA has altered the rules. Unless USDA licensed & inspected, Breeders will no longer be allowed to airship PETS, sight unseen. Shipping includes Pet Transporters, shipping by ground. Exemptions are given for breeders who only sell hunting dogs, or breeders with 4 or less intact female dogs/cats/rabbits, etc. USDA regulations are cost prohibitive, 90 pages I believe, impossible for anyone who works for a living & has a small number of animals. Putting up a $50,000-$100,000 outbuilding, to meet USDA rules of all surfaces imperious to moisture, restroom facilities etc. is cost prohibitive. Not to mention all pups & kittens are to be kept in that federal approved building. Breeders who bring puppies into their home to socialize, are written up by the USDA inspectors if caught with animals in their home. Kittens raised in a USDA approved facility, stainless steel cages, etc. will become feral & difficult to ever adjust to home living. I won't consider raising pets under those federal rules.
Because the USDA has made it illegal for me to ship pets sight unseen, ALL PET SALES are now, CASH ONLY.
Other than a deposit to hold a pet, there is NO REASON to give me a check.