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       TICA & CFA Champion "Firecrystal Lord O Dance"
TICA Brown Mackerel Tabby Norwegian Forest of the Year 2002
               Born in Australia at Firecrystal Cattery 
                      Foundation Stud

     Norwegian Forest Cats are a native Scandinavian cat, fashioned by nature, in the forests of Norway. These harsh living conditions designed an exceptionally healthy cat. They became amicable companions of the Norwegian farmers, by keeping the barns free of rodents.  Alert, smart hunter's. The higher the perch the better. Vary playful, even as adults. Sociable & affectionate with their owners. Inquisitive with strangers. 
     Their independent nature makes them easily adaptable to homes where owners work. They make excellent house cats but do love the outdoors. For safety concerns, they should only be allowed outside in an enclosure.  NFC's get along with various pets. 
     NFC's have a double coat of fur in the winter. There is a seasonal change in their appearance, when they shed the thick undercoat. The outer coat resists water. Males & some females , will develop a mane. Wegies have a triangler face with a straight profile. "ski slope nose". Their ears usually have tufts of long hair. Feet are also covered with hair. During the seasonal shedding, NFC's require combing/brushing every day. The remainder of the year, grooming requirements are minimal.  Wegies are accepted in every color combination, in the USA registries except colorpointed, solid lilacs & chocolate. The Forest Cat is large, muscular, with sturdy legs & big feet. They are a slow maturing cat. Taking 4 to 5 years to reach full size. Males typically are bigger than females. Males 12-20 #. Females 8-14# Queens have excellent mothering skills. Litters range from 3 to 7 kittens. 
     NFC's are found in Norwegian fairy tales & mythology. Enchanted cats of the forest that could disappear at will. Viking Explorers took them along on the ships to keep the rodents under control. The breed was close to extinct until Carl-Fredrik Nordane organized a breed club to preserve the Forest Cat.  Europe recognized them for championships in 1977. They came to the USA in 1979, but were not recognized until 1987, due to their likeness to the Maine Coon. 

Forestdolls Norwegian Forest Cats

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(Located in Wisconsin, USA) Cattery established  in 2001
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PHONE land line 715-652-3349
Text to 715-threeOfive-12sevenSix
CFA Ch. Corros Adrian "Boots" Black & white male. DNA-GSD Type IV Normal (tested clear)
Boots was born in South Africa at Corros Cattery
Foundation stud.
I was attracted to the breed, because my great grand parents were born in Norway.  Secondly because their appearance resembles the "barn kittens" we had as children. The first 2 NFC's that we imported were the exact colors of my favorite childhood pets.
Wegies chirp similar to Racoons in the wild. They have got this bird like sound they make when talking to each other. They don't meow unless they are trying to tell you something. Rather quiet compared to many cat breeds. 
NFC's show a lot of affection. The longer you have one, the better they like you.  They will talk to you with their sing song voice, & wash your face if you let them. When a "real" NFC  is in your home, you'll realize it is a special cat.

Inherited cat diseases do occur but not frequently.  I've done Optimal Selection/Wisdom Health DNA testing on the majority of my cats. Those who have been tested have a pdf file by their photos. 
Viruses create problems with felines. Vaccinations are recommended. They cover the most common viruses, but do not prevent the cat from catching viruses. Best prevention is keeping cats away from places sick cats may be. Viruses can be carried in on shoes, hands. 

 Cats and Kittens are 
Registered with CFA & or TICA 
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CFA & TICA Champion"Benzn Quasimodo" 
 Red classic tabby & white male. Foundation Stud.
This big beautiful boy was born in Norway, at the Benzn Cattery
All of our Foundation cats tested Negative for FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus)
Photos of past kittens (a few adults)
Can be found on my NFC kittens page.
Photos of adults (growing yet) which  have went to their new homes. Are on the Happy Wegie Cats page
A unique personality trait of the Norwegian Forest Cat.
Several new owners of my kittens have told me about their cats letting them know "when things are out of place" "when another cat is in trouble" "if something is wrong".
Their Wegie cats come & get them.
This is a baby picture of  Lily (on the right) with her 3 black & white brothers. Her brother "Silver" on the far left was in a Movie or two. His owner is a animal trainer . She teaches her cats multiple commands.    "Silver" had a wonderful life. He has went to the Rainbow Bridge to join his siblings. You can see more of Silver with his tiger cub friends on his page.
Pets can be picked up & taken home as a carry on with a ticketed passenger.
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