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Located in Wisconsin  Phone  715-652-3349
This page was last updated on: January 16, 2020
All of our orginal Breeding cats tested Negative for FeLV (feline leukemia virus) & FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) 
In 2011 did DNA testing on 4, for GSD (glycogen storage defect) All Normal. (Tested Clear)

Reshma Flynn Luan
"Flynn" at 1 yr. A red mackerel tabby & white, born in the United Kingdom. He is a tall boy, with an exceptionally long bushy tail & straight profile. Nice personality. 
Current breeding cats are on this page. Retired cats are on the Retired cats page. See link at bottom of page.
Forestdolls Bellarina
Sire CH Corros Adrian
Dam Firecrystal Forest Lady
Flynn 5 mo.
Forestdolls Motorolla is a Male black Tortoiseshell with a couple white feet & toes. He carries the dilute color & is able to sire a wide variety of different colored kittens.
He is a young cat in these photo's, does not show his full coat.
Forestdolls Dolly Deer
Dolly is a brown classic tabby. 
She was very proud of herself with her first captured mouse at age 10 weeks. 
If you happen to live in an old house, with these kitties, you don't need any mouse traps. Granddaddy long legs are viewed as snacks, & flies will have no peace.
Sly at 4 mo.
Forestdolls Sly Ely
Sly Ely's parents are Forestdolls Lily Rose & Ch. Corros Adrian
At age 1, He was already a large kitty with a heavy coat.
Forestdolls Sunny Daze
Sunny at age 4 mo. Parents Forestdolls Daisy Mae & Reshma Flynn Luan
Sunny has her first litter Sept of 2014. She is keeping us entertained with her abstract thinking ability. We have a barrier board between living room & kitchen. She found a hole, she can poke a paw through & open the barrier.  All other queens & kittens wait for her to let them in the living room.
Forestdolls Black Magic Beauty
Parents are Forestdolls Motorolla and Forestdolls Daisy Mae
Excellent Mother. First Litter in 2018
Vikingtails Adar "Rooster". Cream tabby and white. A huge kitten at 4 months. Friendly, outgoing boy. Plans for kittens in 2020.
Forestdolls Priscilla Mackerel torbi out of "Black Beauty" and Flynn
​Forestdolls Paisley Classic Torbi out of "Black Beauty" and Flynn
Priscilla and Paisley at 4 mo old.
Available for rehoming. 
Vikingtails Adar "Rooster"
"Rooster" with Mike. His favorite boy
​"Rooster" Almost 10 mo. Weighs over 13 pounds. He could reach 18 to 20 pounds by age 4 yrs.