SNO-PALS Miniature American Eskimos
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Location Central Wisconsin.

          Norwegian Forest Cats 
                Forestdolls Cattery was established in 2001 
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        2024 Continuing to Raise Norwegian Forest Cat kittens. 
                            CFA & TICA registared cattery 
                                FeLV & FIV Free Cattery 
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Breeder of American Eskimo's 1980-2023
Showing Eskies 1988-2011 UKC and AKC
Owned my first Eskie as a young girl 1965
FORESTDOLLS Norwegian Forest Cats 

UKC National Best of Breed  &  National Grand Champion 2004  GR CH 'PR'Sycamore's Apache Snopal
Also AKC Champion  Rainbow Bridge
 Imported from Norway. An excellant Sire whose grandkids follow in his big footsteps. Quasi was one of my main sires for several years.
    TICA & CFA Ch Benzn Quasimodo
        Red Classic Tabby with white
Eskies "Spitz" are known for their intelligence, loyalty,  beauty, ability to warn of or keep out intruders.
They are independent thinkers, but crave your approval.
Wegies are known for their intelligence, 
loyalty, beauty, ability to inform their owners of "things that aren't right" in the household.
They have varying degrees of independence & self-preservation.
My 1st UKC registered American Eskimo. "Frosty" Purchased in 1976 from a kennel in 
Ringgold GA. 
Mike with one of his favorite NFC boys. "Roller Derby"
Tim, hanging out in Frosty's doghouse in 1981
Brenda with "Lucy" and one of her favorite kitties. 1986 She might remember the cats name. I don't. She had everything named.